Amidst the rapidly growing financial regulatory requirements that business, banking, financial and trading institutions are currently faced with, Interpoint Global Security Solutions offers unique data-based investigatory services through an Anti-Money Laundering Program designed to minimize risk when conducting business in Latin America. We advance our clients’ efforts to develop the most competent method to satisfy these new compliance challenges, avoid monetary penalties, and to guarantee the most efficient and profitable business climate possible.


Interpoint, as a data-retrieval firm, houses the largest number of searchable records on Mexico, Central and South America currently available.

Our team has decades of experience working on AML investigations alongside financial regulatory bodies and government enforcement agencies across the United States and Latin America.

Interpoint’s unique and constantly expanding database includes Latin American business and shareholder records, civil, state and federal court records, property records, individual identifying numbers and federal tax numbers as well as educational and background information not available through any other company. 

We work through a digital platform backed by a stored collection of hard-copy documents.


From banking, financial or trading institutions to compliance or asset managing professionals, Interpoint’s services entail guiding our clients through new or already existing business associations.

We not only focus on reviewing and identifying legal or fiscal potential inconsistencies, accounting irregularities or staff issues but we conduct comprehensive investigations on primary shareholders so that any particular enterprise can achieve the highest degree of transparency possible.  Our job is to minimize business and financial risks.

In a time when criminal organizations amass billions of dollars a year in revenues, our pledge is to complement our clients’ understanding of who their partners really are and work with, what the nature of their business is, where they conduct it, and in short: where the source of wealth is located.

Ultimately, Interpoint Global Security Solutions produces both an accurate evaluation of its clients’ assets and an in-depth risk-assessment analysis of their business partners and employees. In doing so, we enhance efficient, successful, and profitable enterprises that can operate freely in Mexico, Central and South America by knowing how they stand within AML regulations and KYC due diligence requirements.