Paying For the Wall and Beyond With Drug Money

Homeland Security estimates that “Drug Cartels take in between $19 billion and $29 billion annually from drug sales in the U.S.”

Both drug cartel members and corrupt Mexican officials love to invest in the United States. They buy homes, businesses and tend to open individual or corporate bank accounts, all hidden under other people’s names.

So, how much of that illicit money could be seized or fined in the United States?

Perhaps it would be effective to “follow the money”, as an old but truthful saying suggests.

But the following is required to work towards seizing those illegal assets:

1. Cartel Family Tree — elaborated with addresses, telephones and associates.
2. Related Corporations — locating businesses where family, friends and associates are listed
3. Work History — of corresponding suspects
4. Public Notaries — to follow the filings of corporations
5. Property Search — to locate their real estate assets
6. Arrest records — reviewing Federal arrest records in foreign countries
7. Business Relations — to find related offshore corporations (including European Companies) in Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Venezuela.

All of the above is viable because we have that information at hand. For us, it’s really just a matter of starting the searches and finding the assets.