AML/CTF Compliance

Concerns of money laundering and terrorist financing have rightfully been pushed to the fore. In a time when criminal organizations amass billions of dollars each year in revenues, operating according to the idea that the markets we work in aren’t riddled with embedded criminal elements can cost a well-meaning company millions – if not billions – in fines and legal expenditures. In a global market composed of complex supply chains and contractors, hidden risks line our every decision.

Businesses and financial institutions today must have knowledge of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures in order to avoid fines and do their part in making the world safer.

At Interpoint Global Security Solutions, our team has decades of experience working anti-money laundering operations and criminal investigations across the United States, Latin America, and Western Europe. We’ve been sought after by and worked alongside financial regulatory bodies and government enforcement agencies due to both our experience, our reputation, and our information.

Our AML and CTF compliance services are based on a proactive model that understands minimal requirements – and their limits. Thanks to our database that houses information on public court records, shareholder information, property records, and a number of other fields across all of Latin America, we detect risks others simply cannot.

We go beyond the minimum standards set forth by Know Your Customer (KYC) services, beyond checking for shell company involvement, and beyond investigating Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs). Our expertise in AML and CTF compliance allows you to exceed the minimal guidelines set forth by national and international agreements like the US Patriot Act, the EU directives, and suggestions established by FinCEN and OFAC. Similar to OFAC’s Specially Designated National (SDN) list, we’ve drawn from our vast database of information in order to make an expanded list of entities likely involved in money laundering or terrorist financing in order to provide our clients a more proactive compliance practice.